CQ University Campus Building 72

Vic Barrets’Dog that won him the national Pal dog food competition 40 odd years ago

Randys European Fruit Boxes we will use as storage boxes on  our walls to hold our library  

Daryls Log Table  these type of tables are a unique type as everyone will be different


Wallys Pine Table and Wheel Barrow 


German Antique Chair we  are Rebuilding

Draft Floor Plan

of the 3 Buildings to be

Built at the CQ University

Land Site at CQU and Les Surveying the land

Cup made for members by ceramics classMail Sorter made for the

Nursers Laboritory


Clamp Holder for shed

Fishing Pole Holder  made by Daryl

     Dragon Made in our Ceramics class




Les & Tippy B4 setting of on around Australia  trip with wife Diane


2016-07-04 12.35.50

Rob B’s new project making car support jacks


2016-07-04 12.42.42The new look recreation room starts to take shape

2016-07-04 12.42.55 Our new 3D Printer is just about ready to use we are waiting for a new Tower Computer to drive it and we will be making models with it. All our members are looking forward to using it.


The Members meet the Vice Chancellor Scott Bowman

       IMG_2107                                 The Dog is Back

Graham ‘s Planter Box  IMG_2102

The Rockhampton Men’s Shed is  located   at Building 72 at the CQ University Yaamba Rd Rockhampton we have expanded our activities to allow men to interact together and enjoy their spare time in a safe environment.

The following are the major projects for the University site of the Rockhhampton Men’s Shed Inc.

  • Welding
  • Fitting & Turning
  • Fabrication
  • Wood Turning & Woodwork
  • Restoration work
  • Information Technology
  • Radio Communications
  • Other projects will be considered as members request them.