Contact Info: Phone: 0412 296 014 Address: 25 Wandal Rd Wandal QLD 4700

Welcome to the Rockhampton Men’s Shed

The Rockhampton Men’s Shed Inc. will be closed for their Christmas Break from 21st December 2017 till 8th January 2018.

The members of the Shed wish all l those associated with it a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


We are  located at Building 72 at the CQ University  Yaamba Rd Rockhampton offering a wide range of activities for our members.


 What hours does the shed operate?
 Monday to Thursday  8.30am till 12.30pm Closed  Fridays  these hours are a guide as the shed may be open if the members decide to extend the day as they see fit.

Please note that due to a surge in membership and our limited space we have regretfully had to put a cap on membership to make sure that our members are working in safe conditions. .

We will then be able to start working towards new members that have the appropriate skill levels required and also assisting those less fortunate to help them in their quest for help.

We are at present endeavoring to work towards building additional space. The sooner we are able to build these buildings the sooner we will be able to take on more members.

If you can assist us to move the building of these sheds along contact us and put something back into your community.

You could be a financier, banker or businessman or woman or a tradie,such as a plumber, electrician carpenter, earthmover or just someone who wants to help contact us via the contact page on this website.


Col Loughnan with the wall hanger we have sent him from the guys at the shed. Merry Xmas Col



 Below are the plans for the new sheds



Mock up of the front of the  New Buildings

Location of Rockhampton Men’s Shed

(See Map below) Building 72

Map of CQ Uni with arrows        Locations of Buildings CQ University North Rockhampton 001

  Rockhampton Men’s Shed Inc. for 2016-2017

Chairman Jim Lawler

Secretary / Treasurer – Marion Lawler

Snr Vice Les Brooks

 Jnr Vice Chair:-   – Steve Doohan


What is the principal object of the Rockhampton Men’s Shed Inc.?
To assist men who are looking for friendship when they retire when they find that they feel cut of when they no longer have their workmates company where they can discuss their problems particularly when they have been retrenched and feel that they have been retired before they were ready or just plain lonely.
How did the Rockhampton Men’s Shed get started?
It was started by a group of retired men who wanted to put something back into the community. And invested the money that they accumulated into renting a small building to start the Rockhampton Men’s Shed. So that they could assist others. It is now an incorporated association and has been recognise as a charity.

What are the activities at the CQ University Shed?
It is manly focused on welding, engineering, repairing damaged items such as BBQ’s outdoor furniture, cupboards and any other items that need restoring to their origin al condition, woodwork and woodturning, making items for the disabled toys that our toy boys focus on. It is also a place where we can just have a cup of tea or coffee and just relax and talk.

 What are some of the projects that are currently being done at the sheds regularly and what are the requirements of the members to participate at the sheds?
We regularly assist with projects that are of a benefit to the community however it should be remembered that we are not a commercial enterprise but more of a hobby shop and we do not restrict our members if they want to make things for themselves as long as they assist with the projects that allow us to finance the shed because we are totally self-funded and do not receive any assistance from government agencies or others such as commercial business the members assist with fundraising BBQ’s and raffles as well as producing items we can sell to the public at our garage sales or via the internet. The shed belongs to the members and is there to assist those who want somewhere to come and enjoy each other’s company
 What are the membership costs?
The membership fees are $15 per year this goes part the way to paying the public liability for the shed and we make up the difference by fundraising activities such as the BBQ’s I mentioned as well as making things for sale remembering as I said before we are not a commercial enterprise but a hobby shop.
 How can members assist with the ongoing financing of the Sheds?
As I mentioned by assisting with fundraising BBQ’s and making items for sale as well as raffles and donating when they can.

Contacting the shed
You can con tact us by going to our website through the contact page which is:- Rockhampton Men’s Shed Inc. website
or by email:-
or by phoning:- 0412296014

 Times are subject to change due to members requirements.










Contact Info: Phone: 0412 296 014 Address: 25 Wandal Rd Wandal QLD 4700